Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer in Denali

     Now that the snow has finally melted I've decide to spend my free time this summer helping those who have helped me, and to do what I can to get you all to visit Denali this summer.  
     Rick McMahan of Denali Fly Fishing http://www.denaliflyfishing.com was the first person to come on board when I signed up for last year's Iditarod.  Rick was not only instrumental in helping us with the substantial cost, he also was a big part in helping us acquire other sponsors, and he has gone out of his way to introduce us to the business community of the Denali Borough. The moral support he provided cannot be understated.  
     On a totally different note, for the past several years Rick has been involved with a program called Dine Out for Life. http://www.diningoutforlfe.com It's a program in which all of the proceeds from the meals sold at a participating restaurant on a specific evening are donated to the Alaska Interior Aids Association http://www.interioraids.org  This past spring Rick brought the first ever Dine Out for Life event to the Denali Borough, which was held at the 49th State Brewing CO. http://www.49statebrewing.com  It was well attended and I'm sure it will be bigger and better next year.  I'll post dates for next year's event as it approaches.  

     What I really enjoyed the most about my time with DFFG, which may not come across in the video, is how passionate this crew is about fishing.  Fishing is what these guys do, regardless of whether or not they are guiding.  Jared, who was my guide and instructor for the day and also one of my neighbors, is hardly ever seen without his waders on.  If you are in the Denali area this summer and you are looking for an authentic Alaskan experience give these guys a call.  I promise you won't regret it.                                                                                                                                              

A great day of fishing might have been exactly what I needed to concentrate on finishing my recount of this past year's Iditarod.
 Guest appearance by Wilson, Rick's dog

     Another great reason to visit Denali this summer, is the Cantwell Bluegrass festival, July 8th, 9th, + 10th, http://www.cantwellodgeak.com Mike and the crew at the Lodge have worked really hard this summer, to make this year's Bluegrass festival a big success.  They've built a brand new stage, and removed the old hotel off of the property opening up the viewing area a ton.  Hope to see you there!

Got to go play with my puppies, until the next time I hope you are having as much fun with your dog as I am with mine.