Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Dog Barn


  1. really enjoy your dog barn,what a great place for the dogs.

  2. Thanks for the latest update in your life and as you train for the Iditarod. We try to guess the dogs' names that are with you in each video.
    Please help.
    Our roofs in MA have as much snow as your dog barn. We are training in our afterschool camp. Thanks for keeping us motivated!

  3. Greeting from sub zero Chicopee, Mike...a little bit of Alaska here this year for a change...I've been checking your website for updates but some how this video eluded me(new years eve ) freaking exciting it is for ME to see that YOU have managed to live your dream that I listened to in that barber chair for years. I've got a good feeling for you in this race Mike. God, the post that you put up for help with the dogs was so tempting considering my current situation. I'm sure Denise, Dave and Dan wish you well too. Unfortunatly she has been out of my life for the last 9 months and the guys and I have good rapore but are getting more and more distant. You were a good friend to all of us. I'd love to come visit you as Iditarod Champ(don't worry I won't bet haha)...or just as Mike Santos(but man, am I pullin') some time...Your story is inspirational and proves the 'just do it ' theory. I wish that I had that fire inside of me. I detect a little Canadian type twang in your voice that I think is great and that stach is epic....congrads to you and your wife no matter the outcome Mike...God Bless.
    Mike Rogalski

  4. Ha Mike This is Deb and Bob Hartley from Dexter Maine We met you last summer and talked about when you raced in Maine in Fort Kent So glad you are able to do your dream of running this race We are keeping up with you on your journey Good luck