Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Over the Alaska Range

Mike and the team are resting in Nikolai.  They have made it over the Alaska Range and across the Farewell Burn.  Mike is exactly on the schedule that he created.  It has been really fun, albeit a bit nerve racking to watch him on the GPS.  I think Mike's brother Anthony said it best "its killing me, not to mention my productivity."  Despite this, I still highly recommend the Insider GPS tracker.  The information is much more current than the standings on the Iditarod page.  I expect Mike to leave Nikolai in a few hours and make the run to McGrath and Takotna.
Photo by Greg Sellentin

I have been hoping for more videos of Mike, but did not see any today.  Maybe the camera crew will have a chance to catch up with him during his 24 in Takotna.  Mike withdrew 3 dogs, Clyde, Lager, and Uber, from his team in Rainy Pass.  They have been flown back to Anchorage, are currently resting at our friend's house, and will be home in the kennel on Thursday. 

I have been having fun answering the fan mail that Mike has received from students around the country.  I appreciate the kids' enthusiasm and practicality.  The most humorous questions I have received so far are "Do you have a best friend?"  and "Where do you go to the bathroom?"  Another student told me he has a dog named Tango.  "She tears up everything. But the dog before was good."

Photo by Sarah Waterman

I am looking forward to Mike's 24 hour break, as knowing he is staying still may allow me to take a break from clicking refresh on my computer.  More updates tomorrow!



  1. Hi Caitlin
    Claire and I actually got to meet you and Mike last July. He drove us to Jeff King's Husky Homestead and you gave the demonstration with the dogs. We were on the inland portion of a Holland America Cruisetour. We were quite impressed by the experience. Claire is a fourth grade teacher here in Rockaway NJ and is keeping the children up to date about Mike and the dogs as they journey to Nome. She actually had a woman musher from NJ come in to speak with the kids and show them a dog. I am following Mike and reading your comments several times during each day and emailing the "Howler" to her at school.
    If we ever have the chance to come to Alaska again I hope we get to visit you and Mike and the "athletes" at The Wolf's Den Kennel.
    Best regards and GOOD LUCK MIKE!

  2. Way to go Mike. Glad to see you living out your dream!

    Dave Roberts
    Ludlow, MA