Sunday, November 6, 2011

Snowy Day

It's been a beautiful snowy day in Cantwell.  We have over a foot of snow already, which has been really nice for the dogs.  It makes the trails softer on their feet and a little less bumpy for us.  Mike, Christian, and Nicholas have gone out to our training camp on the Denali Highway with 39 dogs.  They are still training in the truck.  The dogs will run 52 miles to camp, sleep for 6-8 hours and then run home.  I know that Mike is really impressed with all the dogs this year, but sometimes he mentions one or two who really stand out.  Last trip he reported that Bandit and Boone, both 2 year olds gave him the impression they could run forever effortlessly.  Their brother Bruiser tried to keep running down the highway when they let him loose after running 100 miles.

Here at the Den I got to walk puppies in the snow.  We are having a bunch of fun, except they are getting faster than me.  Last week one of them ran all the way home from the top of the hill without stopping.  That was when I decided I was better off taking them in two groups rather than all at once.  Angus has moved inside for the winter.  I really think he would have preferred to retire to Florida.
Angus the champ

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